Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Blog #1

Okay, so, everyone says I should have a blog. I'm not sure exactly why, but EVERYONE says I should have a blog.

I've never been one of those folks who does what everyone else does, but EVERYONE says it is the new way to communicate, to reach out and touch someone, to make a difference--one reader at a time. That last one sounds pretty good to me. I'm all about making a difference. My entire life has been about making a difference. Alright, I'll give this blogging-thing a chance. Truth be told, I'm not a techy kind of person. I just discovered the wonderful world of having a website, but I don't Twitter and I don't do a lot of things that others can do with their eyes closed. But, I can, and do, observe.

By nature, I'm an observer...I love to watch people doing what they do in the simplest and most ordinary moments. The best part of going to Disneyland was always about watching the people. And, I'm an observer by training. I'm a licensed marriage and family therapist, which, by definition, means a whole lotta observing and a whole lotta listening. My Ph.D. is in pastoral ministry and I'm an ordained inter-faith minister, ditto the previous sentence. And, I'm a woman, which the new brain research tells us, is pretty synonymous with listening and observing. So, here are my observations, maybe a musing or two, and probably a short rant every once in a while.


Michelle said...

Welcome to blogging! It will keep you from going crazy..::: wink....

You are an AMAZING therapist and a delightful person! I know I am very blessed to have met you!

Again, congrats on the blog site and I look forward to reading more!


DrGwenF said...

Thank you. I am grateful to be of service...I can't manifest my potential if no one is sitting on my sofa. I feel blessed by every patient who walks through my office door.